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New members receive 50% discount on their 2019 membership

Your Membership Donations have a big impact. We use these donations to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. In 2018, the Canton Democratic Club was able to provide significant donations in direct support to new candidates and incumbents.  Together, we reelected our incumbent Democrat to MI House District 21, and flipped seats for County Commissioner, Governor, Attourney General, Secretary of State, MI Senate District 7 , MI House 20th District , and US House 11th District!

We are looking forward to the 2020 election! 

Sign up now for our 2020 Election Cycle Membership, good through December 2020. Your Election Cycle Membership will increase our ability to help elect local, state and federal Democratic candidates. Show your commitment to win big in 2020, join today!

Beginning June 2019, new members will receive a 50% discount on their 2019 membership.

Student / Seniors (65+): 

1 Year - $10.00  renewal/ $5.00 new member 

2 Year - $20.00  (2020 Election Cycle) renewal/ $15.00 new member 


1 Year - $20.00  renewal/$10 new member 

2 Year - $40.00 (2020 Election Cycle) renewal/$30 new member 


1 Year - $35.00 renewal/$17 new members 

2 Year - $70.00 (2020 Election Cycle) renewal/$52 new members 


2020 Monthly Recurring Election Fund Donation Request:

Please consider a monthly donation to our Club. Individual recurring donations have a larger impact than most people can imagine. For example, if all 100 current members set up a very modest $3 monthly recurring donation each month, our Election Fund would increase $3,600 over 12 months. That increase in funds would have a direct impact on our ability to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot including the many candidates running for office in Canton Twp, the 11th Congressional District, State & Federal Elections. Join the Club and set up a recurring monthly donation today to help elect Democrats in 2020.

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